Welcome to your professional conversation partner

You can see me and adress concerns as a private person or as a professional. Those could be minor or crucial. You may wish support for change, to move on, to get empowerments, or solely share a professional conversation.

I have been in the professional field for at least 37 years and offers psychotherapy and consultations for individuals, couples and families, supervision for professionals, seminars and presentations, organizational and teamwork development, expanding of ideas and methods, and philosophical conversations.

I play a part in professional net works of well-educated and experienced colleagues. Engaged in projects in Stockholm, around Sweden and abroad.

Abundi Psykolog AB is beautifully located by the Talja Lake not far from Flen, a town 111 km out of Stockholm.

Abundi Psykolog AB
Talja Högklint 1-2
64291 Flen

Telefon: 070-3807691
Mobil: 0157-10800
E-post: tommy@samtal.se

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